Project Description


Product Name: SK-S-142

Origin / brand: Hangzhou

Material: Tempered Glass,Aluminum,ABS

Specifications: 150*85*215/170*85*215cm

Materials:   Panel: Tempered Glass

    Tray and Roof: ABS

    Frame and Back Panel: Satin Aluminum Alloy

    Glass: 5mm Tempered Grey and Black

Features:    Control Panel : FM Radio, Fan, Lamp, Phone

    Top Shower, Handle Shower,Top Lamp, Blue Backround Lamp,

    Mirror, Water Jets, Shelf, Towel Rack, Seat,

    Shampoo Dispensers, Backrest, Foot Massage Device

Optional:Steam Generator,Touch Screen Control Panel,Whirlpool Pump
Standard Packing:4cartons/set,(150)1.13cbm,(170)1.25cbm

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