Ten years ago, many people knew about bathtubs from foreign film and television works. The protagonist in the movie lay comfortably in the bathtub and enjoy it, while many Hangzhou residents could only use the bathtub in the hotel. Slowly, bathtubs were also sold on the market, but the appearance was mostly the same, white square, and the function was designed to take a bath. However, the appearance of bathtubs on the market is becoming more and more diverse, and the varieties are becoming more and more abundant. An acrylic half-circle bathtub, as long as you push it in, you can put it there and use it. Another acrylic free-standing bathtub, many young people will like this style. For example, if the home is decorated in a pure European style, this cast iron bathtub is more luxurious. From the design details, the following is the design of tiger feet. "

In the past, only functional bathtubs were purely emphasized, but now they are increasingly pursuing artistic quality. Not only is artistic in appearance, but even more so in terms of function. Today's bathtubs can listen to music, play videos, and massage the body at the same time. Many people come home after a day of tiredness, instead of lying in bed to go to sleep, they first fall into the bathtub and enjoy it. The same thing that has become more and more artistic is the washbasin. Ten years ago, most of the washbasins used at home were such undercounter basins. Now there are so many styles that you are picky. These colorful and unique shapes can be used as decorations. And the toilet has become more and more technological, and it has begun to subvert the traditional super-concept route.

Huang Ziping, the person in charge of Kohler Sanitary Ware Agency, said: “Actually, most of our toilets ten years ago chose split-type toilets, which are relatively ordinary. There will be many, many changes in the current shape. This is the concept of Piaorui Shichao. The toilet is designed without a water tank. It can be flushed with electricity to save water." Huang Ziping said that Kohler's ultra-concept toilet was once out of stock in Hangzhou.